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Pewter Table Lamps
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Deco Dome Orbital Yellow Wax Fillable Glass
Genie Lava Lamp Chrome Ring table
Satin Dome Desk Double Pole
It does require some suspension of disbelief to read a story in which parents send their children to a boarding school in which they may find themselves at risk when facing the forces of terror and darkness, but critics of J.K. Rowling's modern classic need to take these tales of witchcraft with a grain of salt. The idea is not a new one; the book "The Worst Witch", which became a popular TV series, has covered this topic as well.
But in a writing style that is more than highly reminiscent of another British children's author, Roald Dahl of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" fame, Rowling has shared with fans of all ages a fantastic and well-structured world in which the characters face extremes of good and evil. The scenarios covered in these tales are dark, bright, spirited, poignant, and funny at various turns, as are the characters themselves. Pewter Table Lamps.
At the heart of it all is the book's boy hero, Harry James Potter, orphaned during his first year of life when the evil wizard Lord Voldemort murdered his parents and, while failing to kill young Harry as well, left the infant with a jagged scar on his forehead that causes him pain at critical moments in his life for many years afterwards.
The ever wise headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore, along with Professor Minerva McGonnagall, and the hirsute giant Rubeus Hagrid, deposit the infant with his only remaining family, the Dursleys, and for the next decade, the young Harry suffers abuse and neglect at the hands of his dead mother's sister, Petunia, her husband Vernon, and their spoiled and menacing son, Dudley. Pewter lamps.
An owl with a message provides the first sign that Harry's fortunes are about to change. Despite the Dursley's decade-long efforts to break Harry out of some mysterious habits and goings-on that often surround him, Harry finally learns the truth about his background during a surprise encounter with Hagrid.
Soon the boy-wizard-to-be is whisked away to the Scottish castle that is Hogwarts to begin a life previously unknown to him.
Realistically, he learns that life is not completely free of torment from his peers since leaving the Dursleys when he encounters the stuck-up Draco Malfoy and cohorts.
But he also encounters the red-haired and hysterical Ron Weasley, who like Malfoy is from an old wizarding family but from a different end of the spectrum, who can prove himself to be a noble friend in the thick of a major crisis, and the Muggle born intellectual, Hermione Granger, patterned after J.K. Rowling herself.
Slowly, we watch these three develop a complex friendship and evolve into Hogwart's trouble-shooting trio amid an array of broken school rules, encounters with dangerous magical beasts, and the occasional backfiring of magic spells, finally reaching the climax in which Harry must help break the power of the Sorcerer's Stone, in his first encounter with the Dark Lord since his infancy.
Interestingly, magic and witchcraft Pewter table lamp. do not solve all the characters' problems. Most deaths in the stories are not reversed, the lively Weasley Family is not made any richer, nor does magic reduce Harry's need for glasses or the pain of his scar.
But they provide Harry with the chance to do things he never imagined, such as the chance to play wizard sports, the joy and freedom of flight, a chance to confront his yearning for his dead parents, and world of companionship, and the wisdom and kindness of mentors.
Readers can delight in watching the tremulous lad prove his mettle and courage when confronting unexpected hazards of the wizard world, and maintain his natural kindness and humility while dealing with the acclaim he never knew in the Muggle world.
We watch with admiration and amusement as his relationships with his peers and teachers develop,his constant struggles with his parents' killer, and along the way, we
discover why it's so difficult for Hogwarts to maintain a Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher for very long.
The characters are relatably modern in some ways, and old-fashioned in others, and the story is written with brilliant plot twists and clever resolutions.
And so, I conclude my editorial toast to one of the most famous characters of modern literature, and the friends who help him along the way. I give every star available to the beginning of a great literary series, which in turn, has spawned an equally terrific film series, both of which will undoubtedly be enjoyed for many years to come! Lamps for Pewter.

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